AGU 2015 Session: Dust in High Latitudes

Are you a researching dust emissions from cold environments? Are you interested in the magnitude, frequency and intensity of dust emissions from high latitudes? Submit an abstract for the AGU Fall Meeting 2015.

Dust in High Latitudes: From its Origins to its Impacts

Session ID#: 8015

Session Description:

From long records of dust in ice cores to present day satellite imagery of dust blown off the coasts of Alaska, Iceland and the Patagonia desert, observations show how dust in high latitudes is pervasive and sustained over hundreds of thousands of years. High latitudes amplify dust effects on climate through their interactions with ice clouds, reduction of surface albedo, and the transport/supply of micronutrients to the surface ocean, triggering phytoplankton blooms and affecting biogeochemical cycles. Yet, most research on dust has focused on the subtropical regions and the areas around the dust belt. In this session we would like to focus on dust research at high latitudes, and we invite presentations addressing all aspects of emission, transport and impacts of dust (or volcanic ash) , from the geologic past and the present, as well as model simulations of the future.