• HLCCD Network Meeting Feb 2015

    HLCCD Network Meeting Feb 2015

    Participants of the HLCCD Network met at Loughborough University to set the research agenda for high latitude dust studies.

  • Greenland 1

    Greenland 1

    Dust from the sandur near Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

  • Greenland 2

    Greenland 2

    Dust deflation from recent meltwater flood deposits in Sandflugtdalen, Greenland.

  • Greenland 3

    Greenland 3

    Wind scour in loess deposit on ridge top near the Greenland ice sheet.

  • Greenland 4

    Greenland 4

    Dust from the sandur near Kangerlussuaq, Greenland.

Dust in the earth-atmosphere-ocean system affects natural and anthropogenic activities. Most research focuses on dust sources in the subtropics, however significant emissions also occur in cold climates and at high latitudes, particularly in proglacial and paraglacial regions. Existing knowledge concerning the impacts of high latitude/cold climate dust in the Earth system is scattered amongst a diverse group of scientists. This international network will facilitate collaboration amongst researchers to improve understanding of contemporary and future high latitude dust emissions, focusing on consolidating existing knowledge, identifying research gaps and prioritizing strategic, inter-disciplinary research questions.